selected works


I am heavily inspired by artists from the cubism and abstract expressionism movements, and I use these influences to break down my subject matter into geometric forms, shadows, patterns and designs.  I always start a new piece using pencils, charcoal or markers and then layer with acrylics, watercolors or oil pastels.


Selected Works


The female figure is the center of much of my work and is a subject matter that I am constantly studying and exploring.  I get energy from supportive, passionate, strong, hard-working, nurturing, driven and fearless women.  I love expressing these emotions and messages through color, shape and texture.


Selected Works

Pen & Ink

I have used ink as a medium for years and love its effect on paper and canvas. Faces and Figures are favorite subject matters and are quite effective in black and white.


Selected Works


Notecards are available in the SHOP and make great gifts.  Please select from these series: Abstract Edge, Water & Sky, Tribal Faces

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